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张哲瀚 《八月》荣获ARFF 国际电影节阿姆斯特丹单元环球奖

Zhang Zhehan won ARFF Film Festival「GLOBE AWARD」:AROUND INTERNATIONAL · AMSTERDAM MAY 2024 Selection


Zhang Zhehan was awarded the Artist of the Year at the 19th KKBOX Music Awards

《无碍》 在iTunes 全球榜和欧洲榜荣登双料冠军

“Unchained” Topped iTunes Worldwide and European Song Charts


Zhang Zhehan’s New Single “Unchained” will be released on June 6


“No. 1 Player” and “Bad” Prominently Featured in Top Chinese Songs Report


“August” Reached 1MillionView Milestone


“Deep Blue” received the RIT/IFPI Taiwan Platinum Record Certification

“Can You Hear Me” 在iTunes 全球榜和欧洲榜荣登双料冠军

“Can You Hear Me” Topped iTunes Worldwide and Europe Song Charts


International news outlets report the impressive achievement of “August”

Music 聯合首播 – 張哲瀚《Can You Hear Me》

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