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高尔夫 Golf

成绩 Achievements

  • 2021年,张哲瀚在新浪杯职业业余比洞赛第17洞,一号木开球303码,赢得最远距离奖。
  • 2021年,张哲瀚受邀担任东京奥运会高尔夫球赛直播的解说嘉宾,直播中分享了很多自己对高尔夫的经历和见解。
  • In 2021, Zhang Zhehan won the Longest Drive Award at the 17th hole of the Sina Cup Professional-Amateur Match Play, with a tee shot of 303 yards using a driver.
  • In the same year, Zhang Zhehan served as a commentary guest for the live broadcast of the golf competition at the Tokyo Olympics, where he shared many of his experiences and insights on golf.

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