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写真 Photobook


“A message sent thousands of miles away; a long wait that finally arrives. Hello, here is a letter for you, please check it.”
Official Zhang Zhehan Photobook “Hyacinth” is currently on sale

现场应援棒 Cheering Light Stick

1. 支持电子支付。
2. 请于现场取货当下确认检查商品状态,唯商品确实有损毁或故障方可于当下贩售柜台换货,一旦离开周边商品柜台,将不予退换货。
3. 因应相关法规,现场不提供任何提袋,敬请自备。

Purchase Instructions

  1. Electronic payments are supported.
  2. Please check the condition of the goods on the spot when picking up in person. Exchanges at the sales counter are only allowed for actual damage or faults found at that time. Once you leave the vicinity of the goods counter, no returns or exchanges will be entertained.
  3. By relevant regulations, no bags will be provided on-site. Please bring your own.
  4. All product information is subject to what is available on-site

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