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成绩 Achievements

2017年9月10日, 张哲瀚与NBA球星皮尔斯、雷阿伦等一同参加第二届超级企鹅篮球名人赛,并以全场20投15中、34分4篮板3抢断的成绩一举斩获全场MVP;随后,他受到官方邀请担任NBA揭幕赛的嘉宾、并客串解说,这也是华人首次受邀出席NBA揭幕赛。

On September 10, 2017, Zhang Zhehan participated in the second Super Penguin Celebrity Basketball Game alongside NBA stars such as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. He achieved remarkable stats of 20 shots, 15 makes, scoring 34 points, along with 4 rebounds and 3 steals, which earned him the MVP of the game. Subsequently, he was officially invited to be a guest at the NBA season opener and also made a guest commentary appearance, marking the first time a Chinese person was invited to attend the NBA season opener.

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