1. 忧伤的晴朗 Melancholy Sunshine 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 0:38
  2. 游侠 Knight Errant 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 0:48
  3. 途 Journey 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 0:58
  4. 洪荒剧场 Primordial Theater 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 0:42
  5. 冰川消失那天 Lost Glacier 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 1:07
  6. 人生海海 Magnificent Life 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 1:07
  7. 变成星星照亮你 Stars Light You Up 张哲瀚 Zhang Zhehan 0:47

Deep Blue,
like the white whale deeply buried in the harsh winter, still yearning for the ever-present spring;
like the deep autumn train shimmering with a faint blue light departing from a city of farewells;
like the summer night rich with secrets, warmly concluding amongst the stars;
like the morning mist rising in spring, radiating innocence as brilliant as sapphires;
The deep blue,
dark as the sea, vast as a frozen lake surface, in its quiet stillness, rediscovering the dazzling hope, give yourself a time immersed in deep blue, honestly listening to the heart, tracing back to profound and introspective contemplation.

The Deep Blue ones mirror the individual and the era, using azure to dissolve the fear and depression brought about by a lack of social security, filtering the chaotic and disordered mixed colors, dispersing hysterical emotions, maintaining independent judgment. Though actions may be slow, thoughts are swift; though taciturn, their gaze is rich and full. With an inclusive adaptability, they nourish passion and extraordinariness. Behind every isolated individual often lies an immense expanse of openness. In the desert of crowds, they recognize solitude, dispel darkness and unease, and string together warm, healing, genuine touches.

The so-called power of slowness is like a vast canvas dyed in deep blue, quietly traversing mountains and hills on the map of the Earth. This dull sensitivity perceives everything – the wild, the irregular, the torn – yet does not reveal everything. It can accept the unpredictable love and hatred, see through the hearts of those who witness the falling colors of pine, turn desire into the ordinary, and absorb sensitivity and unease into the deep sea of the heart, coalescing into strong self-awareness, overflowing with confident and full determination.

The world is vast and full of wonderful surprises. If life is a stage, these fibers that compose and connect our past, present, and future vividly enact unusual and irregular sceneries. The heart longs for the azure of life, yearning to meet and become like the deep blue sea.

‘Deep Blue’ narrates through music, presenting seven preludes sent to the deep sea, openly offering a sincere monologue of growth from the heart, waiting for the ocean’s echo.

荣誉 Honours

iTunes 世界专辑销售榜连续三天第二

iTunes Worldwide Album chart No.2 for 3 days
CD Sales exceeded 51000 copies
Five Music Store’s Annual Album Sales chart No.3
Books.com.tw Annual Album Sales chart No.1

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《深蓝者 Deep Blue》 以音乐叙事,送上寄给深海的七首序曲,坦然呈上赤忱生长的内心独白,等待大海的回响。

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《深蓝者》专辑 “Deep Blue” Album

Release Date : 2023-04-14
Artist : 张哲瀚
Format : CD

出品公司 Production:上海冉以音乐传媒有限公司 Shanghai Ranyi Music Media Co.,Ltd