The Whale and The Child


张三坚回来了 2022-04-20 17:11

The whale is very lonely, and its sound is unique.

Other whales cannot hear it, and it drifts alone.

It sees whaling ships in the distance, so it hides in an harbor where nobody can see it.

A child sits beside it and says, “The world here is beautiful.”

It says, “Is it? I haven’t noticed.”

The child says, “You don’t have to be afraid, I’m here.”

It says, “Can you hear me?”

The child says, “Why not?”

So they fly together, soaring and wandering between the sky and the ocean.

The sunset is magnificent, and they soar into the sky and dive into the ocean.

It feels warm and wants to keep flying like this.

But in the far distance, it sees the whaling ship again.

So the whale, carrying the child, enters the area of nuclear wastewater.

In this area, the whale protects the child.

Letting the child float on the surface, enduring the nuclear wastewater itself.

The child knows the whale is suffering, and he feels very upset.

He lies on the whale’s back, tightly hugging its body.

The whale lies on the beach, and the child kneels beside it, shedding tears.

No one hears the child’s voice.

But he is waiting, waiting for the day the whale wakes up.

He believes that day will come.

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