Zhang Sanjian is back on March 1, 2024, at 05:31

It’s been a long time since I sat in front of the computer and typed on the keyboard. The last time I had this idea was when I saw everyone leaving me messages wishing Zhang Sanjian a happy two year old birthday, but this idea was quickly occupied by the surrounding trivial matters. Today, I finally made up my mind to write an article to share some recent insights with everyone. This was inspired by reopening Shi Tiesheng’s “The Temple of Earth and Me.”

He said that writing is a way of life, and yes, entering the state of writing makes oneself quieter and more delicate. I am usually an active and energetic person. Except when sleeping, I always like to find something to do. Writing allows me to put down my phone and carefully recall the bits and pieces of life, letting me close my mouth and listen to my heart in a textual way, with the light from the desk lamp and the screen shining on my cheeks, with only the sound of fingers typing on the keyboard in my ears.

Many things are forgotten while thinking about them, and words seem to keep the emotions of the present or the past fresh, preserved, and frozen into ice. Time passes and when you taste it again, it’s still rich and fragrant. Many things I wanted to share with everyone on New Year’s Day on stage, but for a better viewing experience, I temporarily put them aside. It will be some time before we meet again, so… and then… um…

Some time ago, I flew from Beijing to Shenzhen and the plane was delayed, and I happened to forget to bring a book (Murphy’s Law always hits the bullseye without deviation), the airport and the plane have always been my comfortable reading places, so I had the idea of buying a book at the airport. I asked the first airport staff member I encountered if there was a bookstore and got the answer “No, I don’t know.” Normally, there should be a place to buy books at the airport, so I continued to search. In the words of the second staff member, I learned the location of the bookstore. This “bookstore” probably only has a few square meters, selling books, dolls, magazines, and U-shaped pillows. So I circled around (five or six steps make a circle) and chose two books, one “Insights of Zeng Guofan” and another book about Tibet.

“Endure, hold on, abide time” is somewhat similar to Sanjian’s “Persistence, Strength, and Belief”, of course, my realm is far from that of the masters. But I will practice and cultivate myself well, grow gradually, and mature bit by bit.

Chinese is such a wonderful language, the same words just in a different order reveal completely different meanings. “Fought Repeatedly and defeated repeatedly” sounds like someone not very smart, who would rescue someone who looks doomed to failure? And “Defeated Repeatedly and yet fought repeatedly” reveals a person’s firm belief and sense of mission, knowing that they may not win but still want to fight, until they win, there is a strong sense of failure is a prerequisite for success. This undoubtedly adds a belief to the person who wants to help you. The art of words is truly indescribable, and the art of life is also hidden in these words.
There is also a sentence that impressed me deeply, “Being serious as a person, but not too serious, this is Chinese philosophy.” I remember once during an interview, the reporter asked me what my strengths were, and I said “I am very persistent, I am persistent in doing things”, so the reporter asked again, what do you think your weaknesses are? I said “Too persistent, when my mind is made up, I only listen to my own thoughts and don’t listen to others’ advice”. Now looking back, because of my persistence, I won the MVP trophy, but later it was because my body was too tight and tired that I went on the basketball court without wariming up and preparation, causing a rupture of the cruciate ligament. But anyway, young people should have the appearance and assertiveness of young people, as long as they don’t regret it, over the years I still carry my enthusiasm to do what I love, and at the same time learn to better protect myself and the people who love me.
Writing is my way of being alone with myself, I can quietly listen to the voice of my heart, record those possibly overlooked details or gentle and delicate emotions. “Read more books” is really the most precious advice my mother gave me, her eyes are not so good now, so I will read more books, have more insights, so that I can chat with her for a while longer.
My New Year’s wish is that everywhere I have sung, my mother’s footsteps will be left there too.

Zhang Sanjian is back