Happy New Year and Good Luck in the Year of the Tiger!!!

Zhang Sanjian 2022-02-01 00:10


It’s unexpected that Sanjian would have so many fans in such a short time. Thanks to everyone’s love and attention. Although after writing a few articles, Sanjian feels like his brain has been emptied, and he’s run out of ideas, I believe that inspiration is like time, and it will come when squeezed. I will continue to share my thoughts and experiences on reading books and watching movies.

As the Year of the Tiger arrives, Sanjian has also received many blessings, and I want to share all these blessings with everyone. Wishing you all a Happy New Year, good luck in the Year of the Tiger, may everything go smoothly, and may all your wishes come true! In the new year, let’s continue to love our country, our party, and our families, and take good care of ourselves. When facing difficulties, don’t sigh, and when feeling unhappy, let out a tiger roar ‘Roar~’ to drive away all bad luck! Below is a little New Year’s gift for you.


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